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Name:Everything Doctor Who
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A fan community for everything about Doctor Who: fan fiction, images, news, and more.
What Is This?

[community profile] everything_who is a community for all things involving Doctor Who: fan fiction, images, news, cosplaying advice, contests, reactions to episodes or characters, musings as to the Doctor's age, and anything else concerning the fandom that you'd like to talk about.


Do you like Doctor Who? Do you want to talk about it with other people that like Doctor Who? This is the place! Join up and get involved.

Community Rules

Absolutely No Flaming!
It is my hope that it is unnecessary, and even excessive, for me to say this; but nonetheless, just in case, here it is again: no flaming of any shape or form! Lively discussion is all well and good, but immature bashing of characters, episodes, series, or actors is not allowed. There is line between explaining the merits of something you appreciate and choosing to bash anything or anyone with an opposing opinion.

Mature Content Filtering
Please, if your post contains content that is not appropriate for all ages, put it under a cut and post a warning/rating. This community is very much meant to allow for anyone and everyone who enjoys Doctor Who or its many derivatives to find kindred souls and socialize, and that includes those that do not wish to view adult content.

Long Posts + Large Images
If your post is particularly long or includes large/multiple images (for example, posting dozens of icons) please place it underneath a cut! Small previews are fine, but have mercy on members with slower internet connections and don't post any more than that without a cut. Furthermore, please place all fan fiction underneath a cut, the latter with a summary and rating.

Spoilers are considered to be anything pertaining to episodes/other media that have not yet been aired or released in Great Britain. Place these under a cut with a warning!

Keep It On Topic!
Before you post, make sure that your post has something to do with:

a) Doctor Who or one of its many spin-offs and appearances in other media.
b) The characters displayed in Doctor Who or its derivatives.
c) The actors that have been involved with the filming of Doctor Who or its derivatives.
d) The universe of Doctor Who and its derivatives.

If it doesn't, then your post probably doesn't belong here. After all, doesn't the community name say it all? This is Everything Doctor Who, and nothing else.

Keep It Civil
Though perhaps the message is somewhat redundant, keep it civil! This is the most simple of all rules: please, please, please be polite to each other and don't generate drama. Remember one of the most important concepts of internet etiquette: treat people as if you're speaking to them face-to-face, and don't for a second believe that you may be rude due to anonymity and no chance of retaliation. This community isn't here to become a hive of scum and villainy hurt feelings and juvenile conflict, it's here for everyone's enjoyment. If anyone decides not to follow this rule, they will be removed from the community and/or banned.
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